January 24, 2020
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Congratulations Kayla Valentin!¡Felicidades Kayla Valentin!

Kayla Valentin wrote a poem for the Young Writers of America competition. Her poem was chosen to be published in the National Scholar Society’s student anthology. Only 35% of the entries were selected for publication.

Written by Kayla Valentine

Fake Friends, Sweet Lies

The blue lightning doesn’t calm the fire burning inside me

Anger, fear, sadness, they swirl inside me

Inside my chest, my heart thumps

But I do not feel alive

The static white noise that fills my heard is comforting, The voices outside my head, always annoyingly buzzing

Their words sink into my skin like ink

Never bouncing off,

Emotional connections broken, edges, too jagged to be pieced together again

My every move, word, and mannerism too much for them to handle; they disappear like smoke

My heart as I realize their sweet words were nothing but lies.

Kayla Valentin escribió un poema para el concurso de Young Writers of America (Jóvenes Escritores de América). Su poema fue elegido para ser publicado en la antología estudiantil de la National Scholar Society (Sociedad Erudita Nacional). Solo el 35% de las entradas fueron seleccionadas para publicación.